About Us

BS Steel Works GmbH (BSSW) was set up in February 2022 in Düsseldorf Germany as the international trade and investment arm of Bektaş Group. Bektaş Group itself was established in 2004 in the Ereğli province of Zonguldak, Turkey by Mr. Şenol Bektaş. Initial focus of the business was the wholesale trade of flat steel products of the major producers of the region to the industrial end users in various sectors in Turkey. Eventually the group expanded its activities to the rest of the product categories including import items in line with its customers requirements. As of today the company holds a wide variety of steel and iron products in its inventories to support its customers needs at short notice. Bektaş’s service speed and quality is higher than the competition due to the delivery capabilities of the Group through its truck fleet, ensuring cost advantages for its customers.

In 2010, the growing company located its head offices to Istanbul, Turkey to build a more effective sales and customer service, while intensifying and focusing in on international sales activities.

In 2018, Bektaş Iron and Steel invested in spiral welded steel pipe producer BCS and restructured the company. BCS is also located in Zonguldak, Ereğli, close to the iron and steel producers and ports. A special focus is put on the sales and marketing of the steel pipe products for the forseeable future which enjoy higher margins of profitability.

Bektaş Iron and Steel created its first international trade and investment company BSSW, in Düsseldorf Germany in February 2022 in line with the growing international sales.