Non Grain Oriented Steel (NGO)

Miilux wear resistant steel

Non grain oriented steel (electrical steel, E-steel, lamination steel, silicon electrical steel, silicon steel) is a specially manufactured steel to produce specific magnetic properties. It ensures low power loss, core loss and high permeability. NGO is the first choice for manufacturing laminated cores of stator and rotor of electric motors. Sheets are laminated and cut to final shape through various processes before winding stage. Stamping, laser cutting and wire electrical discharge machining are some of the processes used for achieving final shape.

Available Steel Grades (EN 10106)

M300-35A M270-50A M350-65A M600-100A
M330-35A M290-50A M400-65A M700-100A
M310-50A M470-65A M800-100A
M330-50A M530-65A M1000-100A
M350-50A M600-65A M1300-100A
M400-50A M700-65A
M470-50A M800-65A
M530-50A M1000-65A

HP (High Permeability) grades of all the above mentioned products are also available.



Coil Width Range

Width (mm)
Edge Type min max
SL (Slitted or Edge Trimmed) 20 1320
ME* (Mill Edge) 1000 1320

*ME width tolerance is -0/+20mm

Coil inner diameter for SL and ME is 508 mm or 610 mm on request

Cut to Length Size Range

Width (mm): 600 – 1320

Length (mm): 600 – 3000

Coating Types: C-0, C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6 coating types and self bonding is applicable


According to EN 10106

Miilux wear resistant steel